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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 13 Jan 2022

Its Snow Joke in Finland!

The snowy season is in full effect in Finland at the moment, nothing unusual of course, in a country that still has four distinct seasons every year and freezing temperatures in winter, dealing with snow is just another day in the office for our Nordic friends.

Its Snow Joke in Finland!

Our friends at Finnish JCB dealership Mateko Oy have recently posted a video on their You Tube channel showing some of their customers at work on snow clearance using JCB 409, 413K and 419K compact loaders, some with buckets and others fitted with angle snow plough attachments.

With average daytime temperatures in Finland currently ranging from -5o in the south to -25o in the far north, and much colder at night, the Finns have to be well prepared and geared up for such harsh conditions. Average snowfall currently is around 18cm in Helsinki up to 40cm and even 70cm thick in the extreme northern territories!

I had planned to visit in Mid-December last year to experience it first-hand once again, but with the Covid-19 Omicron variant situation, I decided it was unwise to travel, although my contacts in Finland have since informed me that it was estimated that around 150,000 “snow tourists” were visiting or due to visit over the Christmas and New Year period, with a vast majority of them being British, I must say, they are a lot braver than me, but I’m still feeling slightly jealous!

However, I do have provisional plans to get back up there later in the year, but sadly I will miss the spectacle of the snow, ice, and freezing conditions and to experience how life just carries on, unlike here where we get a few flakes and it all comes to a grinding halt.

Checkout the video below to see how the JCB machines help to keep people, cars and trucks moving despite the white stuff!





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