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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 15 Nov 2023

JN Bentley, PV Dobson, and Kubota: a partnership built on reliability and safety

JN Bentley, a national civil engineering, building and MEICA contractor, which is part of the Mott MacDonald Group, is making waves in the construction and engineering industry. With an unwavering commitment to safety and quality, the company, with roots in Skipton, but now operating UK-wide, has cultivated a lasting partnership with PV Dobson and Kubota, setting a high standard for excellence in the field.

JN Bentley, PV Dobson, and Kubota: a partnership built on reliability and safety

For almost two decades, JN Bentley has been a loyal client of PV Dobson, a reputable dealer of Kubota excavators. This partnership has seen JN Bentley grow into one of PV Dobson's most significant customers, boasting a fleet of 102 Kubota excavators, ranging from 3 to 8 tonnes. The company's impressive lineup includes 68 eight-tonne excavators,  24 five-tonne machines, and 10 compact 3-tonne machines.

What sets JN Bentley apart is its unwavering commitment to safety. George Partridge, JN Bentley's Plant Manager, emphasised that safety is at the heart of their business. "There is nothing we care more about than making sure we all go home safe and well at the end of the working day," Partridge stated. “This commitment is reflected in the company's trialling of Spillard’s AI Human Detection System, including AI cameras, height and slew restrictors and also a ‘Digital Thumbs Up’ display with plant disablement feature.”

PV Dobson's exceptional delivery times have been a vital asset to JN Bentley, particularly during the pandemic. Partridge commended PV Dobson, stating, "During the pandemic, PV Dobson were a standout supplier, delivering over 90% of excavators on time, allowing JN Bentley to continue its work with major water companies without interruption.”

With over 2,000 employees, including 100 full-time operators, JN Bentley prides itself on self-delivery, utilising its own design, construction and plant resources, a principle mirrored by PV Dobson.

Nicola Wilson, JN Bentley's Plant Manager, stressed the importance of their partnership with PV Dobson: "Dobson is a strategic partner and an extension of the JN Bentley plant team. They provide us with a personalised, trustworthy, and loyal service. We can 100% rely on Kubota machines and the outstanding service support from PV Dobson."

PV Dobson's commitment to maintaining the quality and performance of JN Bentley’s machinery is to be applauded. Every six weeks, technicians from PV Dobson visit JN Bentley sites for detailed inspections. These are not just routine checks; they are thorough examinations to ensure all machinery is operating at its best.

Utilising a dedicated app, the technicians communicate their findings, sending reports and photographs directly to the JN Bentley plant department at their headquarters. This straightforward and effective method ensures immediate action if required, demonstrating the active and essential role PV Dobson plays in supporting JN Bentley’s operations.

As a leading water and environmental contractor, taking care of the environment is at the core of JN Bentley's approach. The firm uses Panolin oil, a biodegradable hydraulic oil, across its fleet - an oil that ensures zero contamination. Currently, they support several clients through long-term framework agreements, including seven of the main water authorities in the UK, the Environment Agency, The Canal & River Trust, The Coal Authority, Cadent Gas and National Grid as well as several blue chip clients, including Rolls-Royce and Associated British Ports.

Andrew Dobson, the Managing Director of PV Dobson, shared insights into their long-standing collaboration with Kubota, which began in 1992. Dobson noted that they chose to work with Kubota due to their keen focus on mini excavators and their dominance in this market segment. He highlighted Kubota's credibility, reliability, and outstanding residual values, stating, "Three words to describe Kubota are credible, reliable, and residual. They have been number one in Europe for the past 25 years and are renowned for their fantastic reliability and residual values."

Dobson also praised Kubota's commitment to customer satisfaction and their machines' operator-friendly design, which minimises downtime and maximises uptime. "Uptime is crucial," he noted, "and Kubota machines consistently deliver on that promise."

As both JN Bentley and PV Dobson continue to expand and grow, their partnership exemplifies a synergy of values. This relationship is underpinned by a shared commitment to safety, quality, and reliability. Kubota's excellence in machinery and PV Dobson's exceptional service support have allowed JN Bentley to operate smoothly in the demanding construction and engineering industry.

In conclusion, JN Bentley's enduring partnership with PV Dobson and Kubota exemplifies the power of collaboration in the construction and engineering sector. With an unwavering dedication to safety and a commitment to delivering quality projects, JN Bentley is poised to maintain its prominent position in the industry for years to come. As Andrew Dobson, MD of PV Dobson, aptly puts it, "We benefit from Kubota's reliability, and that translates to machines that work, operators who are happy, and customers who trust us. It's a win-win for everyone."

The construction and engineering world will undoubtedly continue to watch as JN Bentley, PV Dobson, and Kubota expand and evolve their partnership, setting new standards of excellence and reliability for the industry.


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