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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 30 Jul 2020

K-Tec Addresses Rapid Unloading with new Ejector Box

At Conexpo earlier this year just before the world went into the Covid-19 meltdown, Canadian manufacturer K-Tec, who are more well known for their ADT drawn scraper boxes, revealed their new ejector box system for Volvo A40 and A45 articulated haulers.

K-Tec Addresses Rapid Unloading with new Ejector Box

The K-Tec EJB 4X ejector box has a payload capacity of 30.7yd3 (23.5m3) 38.2 tonnes and is currently designed to match Volvo ADT’s, but I would imagine could be designed to fit other brand machines. These are nothing new I hear you say, well that’s true, but for one reason or another the concept hasn’t really ever taken off in a big way, but with an ever-increasing focus on job site safety coming under the microscope, these systems could become a lot more popular to help avoid truck rollovers during the tipping process.

The work can also be done a lot quicker too as the ejector box allows the operator to spread the material on the go, much like a motor scraper. This can eliminate the need to park the truck, before tipping, and lowering the body before heading off, while it also cuts down on the need for a dozer to smooth out the material once ejected. The built in four-stage telescopic cylinder allows for 15 second ejection period with a loaded box, and 18 second retraction time.

At the moment this product is only available in the North American market but with the tie up in the UK between K-Tec and SMT I think it will only be a matter of time before we see some of these in our own domestic market.

Our friend Pushysix got up close and personal with the K-Tec EJB 4X recently and has produced this video featuring the product.

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