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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 23 May 2022

Maximum detail on Classic Construction Models (CCM) 1:48th scale Cat 6030 productivity class monster miners.

Kicking off a new week with yet another in-depth review of a die-cast scale model by the legendary David Wylie, this time focusing on the Cat 6030 mining shovel.

Maximum detail on Classic Construction Models (CCM) 1:48th scale Cat 6030 productivity class monster miners.

Collectors of construction diecast scale models have been eagerly awaiting these new Cat 6030 TriPower mining shovel and backhoe machines from CCM. These two new 1:48 scale Cat 6030 machines push the limits of what is possible in fine diecast model making.  

Following the review of the CCM Cat 6090 face shovel back in 2018, these two new 6030 models extend the range of Cat productivity class scale models, as CCM also plans to produce the latest version of the 600t class Cat 6060 in due course.  

These two Cat 6030 models are available in Face Shovel and Backhoe configuration and are limited to just 750 pieces each, which includes a signed and serial-numbered miniature specification brochure reproduction. CCM’s retail price is $734.95 or around £700 + P&P from UK dealers. 

Just like the real deal, the CCM Cat 6030 is a perfect pass match for the 100 short-ton CCM 1:48th scale Cat 777G haul truck model.

The heavy-duty all metal boom, stick and bucket can be put through their full operational range and posed with nice resistance in the cylinders. And the machine’s boom hoist cylinders come with grub screws and an Allen Key tool to lock the front-end equipment securely into any pose. 

Typical CCM details includes a cab door which swings open to access the operator’s station and comes complete with highly detailed instrumentation tower, operators’ seat and controls.

The models individually linked, free-rolling metal track pads wrap around working tensioners, idlers, and bogeys to complete the undercarriage in stunning detail. Highly detailed cooling pack grills, radiators and hydraulic pump fan blade motors are visible through the side and rear of the machine as well as multiple maintenance access points and fully positionable access stairway.

The quality of paint finish – which replicates the high-quality gloss finish found on the real machines - and warning notices and trade dress on this model is exceptional, albeit the new Hex logo is slightly pixelated. There is a high-level of detail cast into the backhoe bucket G.E.T system and lifting eyes found throughout the machine’s front-end equipment on both models.

There is also a fine level of detail found on the engine air filters and exhaust stacks and photo-etched metal grills above the hydraulic cooling packs and patterned walkways throughout both models.

Above and below - CCM went the extra mile for realism in several areas on the 6030FS. Such as the exceptional and minute level of detail achieved in the hydraulic control valve block components on the back of the boom. With hard and soft hydraulic lines, as well as the main hydraulic and swing motor pumps at the base of the boom and stick pipework complete the highly detailed systems on both models.

In addition to the swing motor pumps and rotary valve, these 6030s come with highly detailed cab exteriors with sunshades on the outer side and rear door windows and the detailed operators cab interior and warning horns fitted on both side of the upper structure. The emergency side egress ladder is nicely detailed too.

Visible through the lower access passage are the highly accurate hydraulic main pumps and hoses that are powered by two 1620hp Cat Tier 4 C27 engines.

Another area of high detail is the machines accurately replicated miniature markings, safety and warning labels - as seen on the fire suppression system and throughout the model – which have been approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.

Although difficult to see behind the detailed grills, CCM have included hydraulic cooling packs and fan blades.

Above and below - The backhoe model has the standard 17m3 capacity bucket fitted with a wear package and teeth nicely detailed and bucket information plate adds to the realism. The face shovel model has a 16.5m bucket with a good level of wear package shown.

In conclusion, CCM is renowned for their attention to detail, and quality of their skilled model makers. These Cat 6030 models do not disappoint, as it’s the level of detail, both on the surface and in the nooks and crannies that make these two Cat 6030 outstanding models. The wait – since the RH120-E was launched in 1998 - for a highly detailed and modern version of this highly successful productivity class 300-tonne mining shovel and backhoe has been truly worth the wait! 

As this blog post goes live, there is a very limited number of Cat 6030 models available to order through local CCM dealers. And if you are looking to add the CCM 1:48th scale Cat 6060 to your collection, best to order one soon (via CCM or a CCM dealer), as these are likely to be a sell-out success too!


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