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by Nick Drew  |  Sat 01 Apr 2017

New concept to boost production

News reaches the Digger Man Blog about a new concept machine that could potentially boost earthmoving output.

New concept to boost production
A multi-national conglomerate of companies has been developing a new excavator concept which is set to increase output by up to 500%. Designed, manufactured and tested in complete secrecy in the Nevada desert, the new Many-Arms Inc APR1-5 Boom model features, as the model number suggests, 5 boom and arm configurations which all work in sequence as the operator controls the machine using the standard ISO excavator controls. A number of different makes of base machine have been converted to see which would be the best and we have been sent this secretly shot photo of a prototype machine in action. Photo Credit: Shaun Croaker, Heavy Ignition Photography.  A company spokesman who did not wish to be identified said, “We can see great potential in the APR1-5 Boom concept, not just from the output side of things, but from our discussions with customers we have found that it’s getting harder to find experienced operators, now with the 5 Boom set up one operator can do the work of five in half the time, it’s something we are really excited about and we can’t wait to wave our arms about it”. As the old saying goes, many hands (or arms) make light work!

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