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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 05 Nov 2021

New Doosan 10-Tonner Video Action

If my private message box is anything to go by, the appetite for more news on Doosan’s new 10-tonne class DX100W is immense!

New Doosan 10-Tonner Video Action

Many of our readers have been in touch with me asking if I have any more content to share on this new model, in fact I have been absolutely swamped with requests which is amazing really!


Sadly, I have to report that no information has arrived with me from Doosan directly as yet, but while trawling the internet over the weekend I did come across the video below.

The video which is unfortunately for us is in Korean, comes from the quirky Hyundai Doosan Infracore Korea You Tube channel which is called Goollosa TV, which kind of looks like a kid’s TV show, but at least it offers us a glimpse of the new machine in action.


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