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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 19 Feb 2021

Oh Deere, Another Rescue Mission for LetsDig!

Extracting bogged excavators has become a familiar thing of late for contractor and excavation business owner Chris Guins aka You Tube star LetsDig18.

Oh Deere, Another Rescue Mission for LetsDig!

It is literally a sinking feeling when a machine you are operating becomes bogged, it’s happened to me a few times during my career, on the old Hymac I used to drive back in the 80’s and early 90’s and in 2015 with a Kubota 8 tonner, when guys on dumpers were tipping wet slop into a hole I was working in, which subsequently enveloped the machine like a tsunami of mud so quickly, that I became trapped in the mud before I could even make an attempt to get out!  

The key to it is really knowing when to stop trying to be a hero, and get help to assist in the extraction from a sticky quagmire!

That’s certainly what happened in this video, as the owner of this John Deere mini excavator put out a call to North Carolina based Chris to come and get the machine out for him.

Anyone who subscribes to Chris’s LetsDig18 channel will have seen he has been called on to assist in these situations on numerous occasions in recent months and its hardly surprising, as he is a cool character who just doesn’t seem to get stressed and just takes control of the situation.

This one looked especially tricky, as there was cut off stump in very close proximity to the machine, lets see how he got on!




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