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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 16 Sep 2021

Operator Tips: Daily Machine Walk Around and Safety Checks

For those of us of a certain age conducting daily checks around your machine has long been an engrained procedure before starting work, however, from what we read on social media these days, it’s become a bit of a fading habit in the industry.

Operator Tips: Daily Machine Walk Around and Safety Checks

Performing a daily walkaround and safety check is a crucial part of being a professional construction plant & machinery operator, making sure that the machine is in its best working order with all fluid levels correct and well-greased, while in addition checking for any damage which could potentially cause the machine to become dangerous to yourself as the operator and those around the particular piece of equipment.

Now with winter approaching in the no-too-distant horizon, it’s even more important to be checking your lights, wipers/screen wash, anti-freeze, machine mounted cameras, tyres and tracks.

Our good friends over at Caterpillar UK at Desford in Leicestershire have produced a new video presented by a legend of the Cat facility there, our old mate Simon Hill, who guides us through the recommended checks and safety procedures.

Checkout the video below.


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