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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 13 Nov 2020

Paloma puts Faith in Liebherr

We love a bit of product placement here on the Digger Man Blog, especially when the subject in question is construction machinery related.

Paloma puts Faith in Liebherr

Over the years we have posted a number of blog posts featuring machines featured on TV, films and even pop videos, who could forget the Cat excavator featured in the dramatic opening scenes of the Bond movie Skyfall, and even the big Cat dozer which made a cameo appearance in David Bowies Ashes to Ashes music video.

The latest celebrity to include a construction machine in the footage is the slightly eccentric, London born singer, songwriter and actress, Paloma Faith, whose latest single entitled Gold, features a Liebherr R 922 Generation 8 model.

Also making an appearance in the video is a Tefra hydraulic quick coupler from our friends over at Hill Engineering and I suspect the bucket was also fabricated by the Northern Ireland based company.

The action with the Liebherr starts around the 1.38 mark into the video, and at one-point Paloma is featured sat inside the bucket, operating the machine in the cab and even hanging from the bucket later on. Would like to have seen the risk assessment statement for that one!

Checkout the video below.

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