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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 04 Dec 2019

Pipe and Road Repaired in 4 Minutes!

Our friendly Swedish cousins know how to utilise machinery to the best of their ability, tackling jobs with less fuss and a lot less manpower thanks to their passion for the tiltrotator.

Pipe and Road Repaired in 4 Minutes!

I came across this new video over the weekend while searching the web for new material. It comes from the You Tube channel of Hedblom, who incredibly only joined the video sharing platform in May this year, but has already attracted 10.03k subscribers and amassed 3,539,091 views of his videos!

The timelapse video shows work being carried out to repair a culvert that had become damaged after a car had gone off the road into the ditches that are a familiar sight in Sweden. Apparently, the impact of the car had forced the pipe joints apart, causing a hole to appear in the road. This had to be repaired quickly as the road is well used by horse riders.

This work was undertaken by TO Hansson Entreprenad, who deployed their Caterpillar M316D wheeled excavator complete with TAB boom and Rototilt tiltrotator to do the work with support from a Hydrema ADT to supply stone and other equipment required.

It’s a cracking video which really displays the way Swedes do things with the machine essentially staying in one spot as it carries out the work. Enjoy!

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