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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 06 Feb 2020

Poclain 1000 set to Star Again at Engins Passion Event

Passionate French machinery enthusiasts will gather in Lyon on the 6th-7th June, for the latest edition of Engins Passion, where over 50 classic machines will be in action on the live demo plot, Poclainís will be widely represented with models ranging from the 35 aka The Little Ant, right up to the huge 1000.

Poclain 1000 set to Star Again at Engins Passion Event

The Poclain 1000 was once the largest production hydraulic excavator in the world, with the final 1000CK model weighing up to 190 tons. This model, was in production from 1975 until 1984 and the machine was capable of handling buckets up to 17m3 (22 cu yds). It was available in face shovel or backhoe guises.

The machine seen in the video had spent most of its working life in Spain, but was purchased for preservation in 2000, and was almost certainly saved from a sad death at the hands of the scrap man’s “gas axe”. It was then returned to France to join many other Poclain models which are in the course of being restored to their former glory. A large quantity of these restored Poclains will be turning out at the Engins Passion event, alongside other famous French makes like Richier. I'm sure it will be an awesome event and one I would be keen to attend for sure.

Without further ado let’s hear the roar of those V12 engines and see this classic excavator in action once more.   

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