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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 29 Mar 2013

Quick hitch procedure made easy with Geith

Our friends at Geith Attachments have recently added a new video, that explains clearly and precisely, the correct procedures that need to be adhered to when using quick couplers on site.

Quick hitch procedure made easy with Geith
Quick coupler safety is still a big problem on our sites, despite millions of pounds of investment by the manufacturers to make the products safer, some operators are clearly still not getting the message, with bucket and attachment drop offs still making the news too often. As an operator, one of my favourite brands of quick coupler is the Geith Coupler, which caught my attention when it was known as the “Claw”. I have run a good number of these units over the years now, and I am pleased to report I have never had any problems with them. There is something very reassuring and positive about the product with its notable green coloured front safety lock mechanism, which is highly visible from inside the cab, add to that the Geith patented “curl to release” control system, which makes sure that the attachment is only released from a safe position. 55678-3206965 For those that are unsure about the correct attachment procedures, and daily and weekly quick checks that should be conducted as an operator, the team at Geith in association with Keltbray, have released this very informative video, which explains everything an operator needs to know about safe usage of the quick coupler.
No matter what make of coupler you are using, the basic message remains the same, always make sure the attachment is totally secure before attempting to use the machine for any digging applications.  

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