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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 22 Mar 2024

Quirky French Poclain Boom Rotation Set-Up (#FlashbackFriday)

Whenever I need some inspiration for a blog post, more often than not I head over to the Facebook page of Technique TP, its just a fantastic resource group with some amazing contributors.

Quirky French Poclain Boom Rotation Set-Up (#FlashbackFriday)

As mentioned previously before on this blog, one of my favourite posters there is Eric Nialcop, who is always posting interesting material from his extensive archives.

Just last week Eric posted a series of black & white images of a Poclain, possibly a 60 or 75 model, which featured an unusual rotating boom design.

Apparently, such designs were often bespoke manufactured for customers who requested these adaptions, which were in some tunnelling projects, back in the day before such specialist designs that we see today were readily available.

Poclain really was an innovative manufacturer, and this design is just another example of the kind of research and development projects that they undertook, to support their customers.

I’m pretty sure these designs are still an option for customers wanting one, on any make of excavator, with the design work being sourced out to independent fabricators such as Kocurek or Ulrich. In fact, I recall posting a short video clip of a CASE excavator with this rotation design on the blog, which went viral some years ago.

What it also gives the end user is unlimited rotation on the bucket or attachment, so a really handy option overall.

We thank Eric Nialcop and Technique TP for the use of these images.

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