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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 28 May 2020

Shiny New Cat on the Prowl in South Wales

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently stipulated, if you canít work from home, go to work, so having spent weeks indoors, but continuing to work right through the lockdown thanks to still having enough material to work with, I was delighted to get back on the road for a visit to South Wales, where strict social distancing procedures were followed as per the government guidelines of course!

Shiny New Cat on the Prowl in South Wales

We were invited to visit Andrew Matthews who has recently taken the leap of faith into machine ownership by investing in his favourite brand of machine, in the shape of a Cat 313F L GC model which has been supplied by his local dealer Finning UK & Ireland out of their Llantrisant depot.

I have a particular soft spot for this machine myself, as I was involved in some promotional video work when it was first launched by Caterpillar at their stunning facility in Malaga back in 2015. A number of sales were made on the strength of our coverage on social media during that event, something that I was very proud of.

Pictured above: Revealing the new Cat 313F L GC at the International Press event in Malaga 2015.

Andrew was clearly chuffed to bits with his new machine, which is kept in immaculate condition, something he has a long-standing reputation for I was delighted to hear. I’m saving the full details for a future article in Earthmovers Magazine, but I just wanted to share our video of Andrew performing a reduce dig ahead of excavating some foundations on an ongoing development he is working on in Blackwood.  

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