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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 13 Nov 2023

Strictly Come Dancing meets the JCB Dancing Diggers

Two Staffordshire youngsters have been getting in the mood for dancing accompanied by a couple of JCB backhoe loaders from the world-famous dancing digger display team.

Strictly Come Dancing meets the JCB Dancing Diggers

The unlikely setting for this stunning combination routine was JCB’s quarry in Staffordshire, which saw teenage Team GB ballroom dancers Kaynan Barfoot (14) and Polly Welford (15) going through their paces to a backdrop of shiny JCB 3CX’s.

JCB has pledged £1,500 sponsorship for the UK Under 14 Ballroom and Latin American champions to enable them to compete at Under 16 level in the World Dutch Open Championships in Assen, The Netherlands this November.

Fresh from a summer which has seen the pair competing at the world-famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom, and winning the English Gala Junior Ballroom championships in Bicester, Kaynan and Polly are training up to 20 hours a week in the run up to the Assen championships.

This is sure to appeal to the Digger Man Blog’s resident Strictly Come Dancing and obsessive digger fan Kenneth Hatcher, who apparently is a dedicated viewer of the show, as for me, well I’m just waiting for them to do something ice hockey related, and I will be all over it!

How about a shoot the puck with a mini excavator challenge? I'd be more than happy to pass the puck around, on the quirky little rink in Uttoxeter, sounds good to me!  

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