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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 02 Mar 2021

Terraform add another Hyundai

Family run business Terraform, who are based at Woodland Head near Crediton in Mid Devon, have recently added another machine to their fleet, and have returned once more to the Hyundai stable for their latest purchase, which is a HX145LCR model.

Terraform add another Hyundai

The latest machine which has been supplied by local dealers Molson Equipment, joins two other Hyundai hydraulic excavators on the Terraform fleet which are 6 and 8-tonne machines respectively. Other machines on the fleet include an 18-tonne class Daewoo Solar 175LCV, and a CASE 695ST backhoe loader which arrived last year as we reported in the August 2020 edition of Earthmovers Magazine.

Like so many others in our industry, Terraform have been really busy during the COVID-19 lockdown periods and this winter has been particularly busy, as they have an ongoing contract with haulage business Gregory’s who are delivering treated human waste to farms right across Devon, to be used as fertilizer. As part of that delivery process Terraform are engaged in laying down access mats for the road going trucks to reverse onto and once the material is tipped, to heap it up and keep it all neat and tidy.

Being in such high demand was the main reason for adding another excavator, rather than hiring in other machines, which they had been doing previously, and according to Ethan Pearce the son of the business owner Kym Pearce, it was a no brainer to opt for another Korean built Hyundai.


Ethan said, “It was easy really, as we run two other Hyundai’s and have been really pleased with them, it was a logical move for us to continue with the brand, it also helps that we have a great relationship with Molson’s so it made perfect sense to continue with the Hyundai’s”.

The compact radius HX145LCR has an operating weight of 15,160kgs and is powered by a 4-cylinder, Stage IV emissions compliant Perkins 1204F diesel engine which offers a power output rating of 87kw (116hp) @1,950rpm.

Ethan had only been on the machine as short while since delivery but was already impressed with the comfort levels in the cab and the safety features that are fitted, with particular praise going to Hyundai’s AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) which uses four camera’s to give a birds eye view around the machine, which is displayed on the monitor in the cab, in addition the IMOD, (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) system provides him with audible and visual notifications of when someone is entering his work area, which he said he noticed while is was around the machine taking photos!

The machines IPC (Intelligent Power Control) system allows the operator to fine tune the machine, by regulating the hydraulic pumps depending on the job or specific task you want to do. Three modes can be selected including, speed mode, balance mode, or efficiency mode. The ECO Gauge on the centralised instrument cluster’s full colour monitor, offers feedback to the operator on the machines fuel efficiency status, extremely useful for those who are concerned about how much fuel they are burning during the working day.

In-line with other models in the HX range the 145LCR a three-stage power mode system which Hyundai call Variable Power Control, essentially it consists of P (Power) S (Standard) and E (Economy) modes which are pre-selected by the operator, as a bystander you can hear this wizardry during operation as the engine tone fluctuates as the engine and hydraulics adjust themselves to meet the demands of what the machine is doing.

Terraform opted for the dozer blade variant and the machine has been fitted with a Geith fully automatic quick coupler and was supplied with a full set of buckets and pallet forks, in addition Molson fitted the bracket on the dipper for a static mount grab and fall from height “boxing ring” protection was also installed. With the standard UK spec 3-metre dipper the maximum reach at ground level is 8,630mm and a maximum dig depth at ground level of 5,810mm can be achieved, this can be increased by having the dozer blade to the rear and using it to increase the dig depth.

Ethan was clearly delighted with his new mount and predicts busy times ahead for the new machine.




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