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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 07 Dec 2021

The Race is on for Hydrogen Powered Construction Kit

Electric powered construction equipment, has long come in for criticism from those who use machines day in, day out, often sighting the fact that they are not capable of performing a real-life full working day without having to be topped up during the shift. Hydrogen power increasingly looks to be the way forward, especially for heavy line kit.

The Race is on for Hydrogen Powered Construction Kit

All the major construction equipment manufacturers are now working towards a hydrogen solution, JCB have been leading the way with its hydrogen engine powered backhoe loader, telehandler and excavator offerings being extensively tested.

Hyundai Construction Equipment are the latest to throw their hat into the hydrogen ring, as they lay the foundations to transform into an eco-friendly hydrogen company in the coming years.

Most recently they have revealed a hydrogen powered wheeled excavator and a medium sized yard forklift both designated as H2 models and equipped with hydrogen cells.

According to Hyundai, pollution-free electricity is generated by chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen which powers the machines and their hydraulic systems.

The 14-tonne class hydrogen powered wheeled excavator, based on the popular HX140W model, is said to offer the same operational characteristics as a typical combustion engine powered equivalent machine. Further development is taking place to enable the machine to operate for 8-hours, with a rapid refuelling time of around 20 minutes.

It really is exciting times for the world of construction equipment and 2022 is going to be a very interesting and busy year for the industry with so much development going on at a rapid pace.

Checkout this video from Hyundai Construction Equipment.


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