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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 15 Sep 2021

The Sun Always Shines on Cat in Malaga

Since the start of the pandemic, overseas travel for product launch events has been virtually impossible and during that time most manufacturers have turned to online events, some more successfully than others. But travel is slowly starting to open up again, and my good friend and industry colleague Peter Haddock was recently back in Malaga, where he was given exclusive access to some of the latest machines from Caterpillar, among them the new M315 wheeled excavator.

The Sun Always Shines on Cat in Malaga

This visit to the Caterpillar Demonstration & Learning Centre in Malaga by Peter and his son Lucas, can be seen as a ray of light in the quest for a return to normality and its great that they took the opportunity to pop along as the family enjoyed a well-deserved break in the glorious Spanish sunshine, something I and many others I’m sure have missed over the past 18 months.

As previously mentioned, one of the stars of this visit was the new compact radius M315 wheeled excavator.

Weighing in at 15700kgs (34610lbs) the M315 is powered by a Stage 5 emissions compliant Cat C3.6 diesel engine which offers a power output rating of 90kw (121hp). The new machine features a whole host of Cat Next Gen excavator technology and has a top speed on the road of 37 km/h (23mph).

In this world exclusive video from Content with Media, Peter gets a guided tour of the machine from Senior Operator Trainer at the Malaga facility Siegbert Jeschke aka “Siggy”, who talks us through some of the main features.


We look forward to more videos coming down the line from this visit soon.  


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