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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 23 May 2024

Weíve Seen Digger Girl, now meet Scraper Girl

Itís been fantastic to see the rise in female plant operators in the UK and itís something thatís been long overdue, but there is still a lot of work to be done to attract more women into the construction machinery operating industry.

Weíve Seen Digger Girl, now meet Scraper Girl

I was trawling the internet over the weekend, as I so often do, searching for material to share with you on this blog, when I came across the video below featuring a young woman operating a Caterpillar 627G motor scraper.

Whilst it’s become common to see women running excavators, ADT’s and dozers, I had actually never seen a woman running a motor scraper before, which is what raised my interest. I believe the video was shot in the USA, where according to some of the comments, its not unusual to see females on motor scrapers.

We know from previous posts that its common to find females operating machines in Australia for instance, and we also know that women seem to have a much better attitude to looking after the machines they are operating, without the testosterone fuelled egos of many males.

Anyway, I present to you “scraper girl” who looks to be doing a mighty fine job to me!  



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