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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 29 Oct 2019

Whack that Wacker Neuson!

Last week on the blog we presented the video featuring testing of JCBs dumper cabs, this prompted a bit of a response on the Facebook group so this week I thought I would share Wacker Neusons equally impressive video on the topic.

Whack that Wacker Neuson!

The dumper in question for this test was Wacker Neuson’s innovative and game changing DV60 Dual View wheeled dumper with what the manufacturer has called OPS (Operator Protection System). Doing the “whacking” was Wacker Neuson’s 15 tonne class ET145 tracked excavator


What I need to point out here about these videos is that the stunts are performed to create the most realistic worst-case scenarios. Its highly unlikely that such an incident would happen on site in the real world, but its reassuring to know that these machines have been rigorously tested to such extremes to make sure they are strong enough to protect the operators. Major plant hire companies are seeing the huge benefits that the Wacker Neuson Dual View dumpers offer in terms of visibility and safer manoeuvrability as the operator is always able to face the direction of travel, and be loaded while being able to remain inside the safe environment of his cab.

Checkout the video from Wacker Neuson.  

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