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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 03 Apr 2013

Wimpey Plant memories

One topic that was always popular at my old blog host was any post about the glory days of Wimpey Plant. I feel itís only right to re-visit some of these posts here at our new home.

Wimpey Plant memories

One of the many former Wimpey employees who got in touch was Colin MacLennan, who worked for Wimpey Plant & Transport from 1979-1986 in various locations around the world including Dubai, Oman, Jordon and The Falklands. Like so many who have written to me, he recalled some great memories of his time with the company and a lot of hard graft in between too!

Colin sent in this amazing photo of a Terex motor scraper being transported across the Oman dessert to another location in a very un-conventional manner in 1981.


It certainly looks a bit top heavy that's for sure; let's hope they got to their destination in one piece.

Don’t forget, if you have any old or new photos which could be of interest to Digger Man Blog readers, please send them in with a bit of background information, and I will do my best to post them on the blog.  

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