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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 31 Jul 2020

Young Woman on a Mission

Attracting more women into the construction industry needs to be encouraged in the UK to bring us more into line with many other countries where such equality and opportunity is much more widespread and accepted as the norm.

Young Woman on a Mission

There are some female machine operators in the UK most notably Lana Edwards, Pamela Evans, Katie Kelleher and Aimee Pooley and I’m sure there are others, but they are still in a minority which in this day and age is madness.

Our friends over at Content with Media recently met up with another young lady, Sophie Panter-Burke who operates a more unusual piece of kit normally, a Wirtgen soil stabilizer. On the day of Peter Haddock’s visit to the site, Sophie was at the wheel of a 40-tonne Bell B40E dumptruck where she was part of a team on a massive excavation job moving 1.2m cubic metres of soil on a major commercial project.

In the video she also explains how she has become specialised in operating soil compaction equipment.

Sophie is the type of young operator we really need to attract into the industry and like Content with Media we feel she is a great female ambassador for the industry.

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