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A Pizza the Action for Cat 308E

by Nick Drew  |  Tue 07 Jul 2020

A Pizza the Action for Cat 308E

We all know that certain person who loves a pizza and just can’t resist an opportunity to have one. One person who springs to my mind who is addicted to the Italian dough creations is my old mate Kenneth Hatcher, who has been operating plant for well over 30 years. Now as a lover of pizza’s and diggers this video clip could well have been made for him!  

I believe the team behind this video are the guys from the former Finnish Caterpillar dealers Witraktor, who done a similar stunt for a TV advertisement for a Norwegian fuel station chain Statoil, which saw the operator assembling the contents for one of their famous instore hot dogs.

The operator is using an 8-tonne class Caterpillar 308E 2 hydraulic excavator, which in true Scandinavian style features a Rototilt tiltrotator c/w selector grab. Unfortunately, the footage doesn’t capture all the action to the end, but its still worth the watch as a nice light hearted blog post.  

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