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Austin Wilkinson’s Egg-cellent skills display

Mon 08 Jul 2013

Austin Wilkinson’s Egg-cellent skills display

Austin climbed aboard a new Doosan DX140LC, which was sporting some very eye catching tiger effect artwork. The machine was equipped with a Rotar rotating selector grab from Worsley Plant’s portfolio of products, and the task involved moving the eggs one by one to the next empty egg cup without ending up with egg on your face! Austin put on a fine display as he gently clasped the eggs in the jaws of the Rotar grab and reunited them with another egg cup. The pressure was on in the cab, as Austin “cracked” on with the job in hand in front of an expectant audience. Just how was he managing to move these fragile eggs without breaking any? Beads of sweat could clearly be seen on our man’s forehead as he came to the climax of the challenge. Then the last egg slipped gently onto the timber, putting even more pressure on Austin! When it was all over, Austin stepped back onto the stand to be told that the “eggs” were in fact made of rubber! Apparently on the Friday of the show, the Worsley Plant team had set up the challenge with the first two eggs being rubber ones, and the final egg being a real one, lulling the operators into a false sense of security, before cracking the last one! It was a really good fun challenge, which captured the spirit of the event. Well done to all who took part in it!  

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