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Cat Hydraulic S-Type Couplers

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Wed 03 Feb 2021

Cat Hydraulic S-Type Couplers

Cat’s new Hydraulic Connecting S Type (HCS) couplers offer the ability to switch between hydromechanical attachments and be fully operational in a matter of seconds, all while the operator is safe in the cab.

Excavators of similar sizes can share attachments, with HCS couplers covering a wide range of machines from 311-340 tracked and M314-M322 wheeled excavators. HCS couplers average 37% better flow capability when compared to leading competitors, reckons Caterpillar. They are designed for high-flow performance suited to hydromechanical tools in demolition and in city earthmoving applications. The lower hydraulic restriction results in better machine fuel efficiency. With the minimal amount of time to transition between attachments, operators will be more inclined to switch attachments when needed and use more task-appropriate attachments when needed.

The internal quick disconnects average 10 times better life when compared to leading competitors. The quick disconnect design prevents contamination of the hydraulic system, while the coupler design protects important hoses and components from damage inside the coupler. HCS couplers feature super-precise sensor technology and multiple measures to keep attachments connected in the event of a hydraulic pressure loss. The coupler also gives visual and audible cues, as well as confirmation on the machine’s in-cab screen of a successful connection to the attachment.

READ more about Cat's new Hydraulic Connecting S Type Couplers, plus the manufacturer's new high-reach UHD demolition excavators in the March 2021 issue of Earthmovers Magazine, available to order here.

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