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Catís Hybrid excavator hits the West Country

Sun 06 Oct 2013

Catís Hybrid excavator hits the West Country

Coles Plant of Torrington in Devon are big Caterpillar customers, and as a company, like to run the latest in cutting edge equipment. It comes as no surprise then, that the earthmoving specialists are taking a look at the latest high tech excavator to join the Caterpillar product range. This demonstration machine will be heading to Stoney Coombe quarry in Newton Abbot on Monday morning, where operator Dave Pratley, who currently operates the companyís largest excavator a Cat 330D, will put the machine through its paces, while senior management monitor the machines fuel efficiency and work output. If as expected, the trial goes well, Coles Plant is highly likely to invest in the high tech excavator and it will join the fleet as an additional machine. Of course with all the built in technology, these machines come with a premium price tag, which is estimated at around £25,000 more than a standard 336E model. But itís the long term fuel savings that have to be taken into account when purchasing a Hybrid machine, and over a five year period this modern piece of kit could possibly shave around £70,000 off the fuel bill during that period. That is a massive saving in anyoneís book! The machine is currently fitted with narrow gauge track pads, but if the deal is done, these pads will be changed for wider ones, which will be better suited to the earthmoving work that Coles Plant tend to be involved in. On this occasion I couldnít take a good look around the machine, as it was loaded up on Colesí new 4 axle extender step frame low loader, which was a recent purchase from Andover Trailers. This modern trailer features lay flat ramps which can also contribute to fuel savings, which is such an important factor with diesel prices at an all-time high. If the 336E H does join the fleet after this trial period, I hope to visit the quarry for a more in depth report in the future. Definitely one to look out for!  

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