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Chinese Lookalikes at Rest (Top Blogs Re-Visited)

by Nick Drew  |  Fri 01 Oct 2021

Chinese Lookalikes at Rest (Top Blogs Re-Visited)

The machines, which like so many Chinese brands look very similar in design to Komatsu Dash 8 models and Volvo B Series machines, are manufactured by the Xuzhou Zhengling Construction (XCG) Machinery Company, not to be confused with XCMG which is another more well-known Chinese brand. The four machines pictured consist of a 210LC, 220LC-8, 240LC-8 and a 330LC-8. At first glance the machines do look in very good order apart from the cosmetics and it does seem strange that they just appear to have been mothballed behind a building.

Apparently it is common place in China to see machines like this parked up and abandoned for years on end, but I assume there must be a legitimate reason for doing this. Some keen readers may recall the Komatsu lookalike dozers we blogged about parked up and left to rot in China some years ago, a topic which drew great interest from many readers and in fact the machinery manufacturers too.

It would be interesting to know if these machines are eventually put back to work, maybe someone will give us a heads up if they do go out digging in anger once more!

We thank our friend Gary Major for sharing these photos with us here on the Digger Man Blog.

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