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Digger on tour with Hidromek

Wed 18 Sep 2013

Digger on tour with Hidromek

I am planning to cover this visit in more detail an upcoming edition of Earthmovers Magazine, but in the meantime here is a brief taster of some of the machines we saw in action. Our first stop was to see one of Hidromek’s smallest machines, the HMK 62ss mini backhoe loader, which was owned by Ozturk Hafriyat (Ozturk Excavations) .These compact machines are very popular with contractors who work in and around the many greenhouses which one can find all over the Antalya region, which is a very famous area in Turkey for growing fruit and vegetables, thanks to its all year round hot climate. Also at the same location, we saw Ozturk’s Hidromek HMK 102S backhoe loader in action.  The operator was keen to demonstrate the machines power and performance with this acrobatic display! We then headed of towards the mountainous area of Isparta, to visit an impressive marble quarry, but on route we stopped by to check out another Hidromek machine. This 2012 model HMK 220LC is one of the company’s bestselling machines. This particular 22 tonne class machine had amassed 3382 hours on the clock. Understandably Hidromek machines can be seen everywhere you travel in Antalya and according to Hakan IIhan, Hidromek’s marketing and sales development manager, the company is number one for sales of backhoe loaders and excavators in Turkey. And finally, after another hours drive in this vast country, we arrived at the marble quarry in Isparta. I am not going to say too much about this place, as I feel it warrants much more coverage within the pages of the magazine. But I will say that the sight and vastness of the operation here just took my breath away. The fleet of excavators at this quarry is dominated by Hidromek models, and if testament to the machines strength and durability was ever needed, there is no need to look any further, as this rugged operation would test any machine to the maximum! Here is a promotional video from Hidromek that was shot at this amazing facility.
It’s looking highly likely that I will be returning to Turkey in the near future, for a series of test drives on the site of the company’s  new factory expansion in Ankara, so that’s one to look out for in the future. In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone involved in this recent visit to Hidromek, for making it a fantastic trip.        

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