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Doosan excavator in Czech quarry

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Thu 01 Apr 2021

Doosan excavator in Czech quarry

A new Doosan DX350LC-7 Stage 5-compliant excavator has added increased power and fuel efficiency for working with heavy blocks of granite at the Ruprechtice quarry in the Czech Republic. The Ruprechtice quarry is one of several northern Bohemia quarries owned and operated by Ligranit a.s., using state-of-the-art equipment like the DX350LC-7 in tough conditions. The new DX350LC-7 excavator was supplied by Garnea a.s., the Authorised Dealer for the Doosan range in the Czech Republic.

Excavators in the Ruprechtice quarry are brought into play after blasting work has finished, whereby small controlled amounts of explosive are carefully placed to obtain the necessary amount of stone. After blasting, stone blocks weighing from 100 to 3,000kg are selected. The larger pieces of stone are reduced in size using the excavator equipped with a hydraulic breaker. Care is taken to ensure that the material obtained is of the highest quality.

Using an excavator, the blocks are moved and further divided using a splitter. For more precise work, splitting is done manually. Where the potential for material quality is best, entire blocks are transported out of the quarry and worked on with a saw.

To meet Stage 5 engine emission regulations, the new DX350LC-7 excavator is powered by the latest generation Doosan DL08 diesel engine, providing 280hp (209kW) of power at 1,800rpm. The DL08 engine offers a new solution to exceed Stage 5 regulations without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), that boosts the quantity of air available during combustion, increasing the temperature of the process and greatly reducing the amount of particulates produced.

This is combined with super-efficient DOC/DPF+SCR after-treatment technology to ensure minimal emissions. Thanks to the new technology, maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been greatly reduced, with no maintenance required until the machine has operated for 8,000 hours.

With the DX350LC-7, Doosan has tried to ensure that productivity and environment protection are truly compatible. The enhanced fuel efficiency of the DL08 engine in combination with a new hydraulic main valve and the new generation SPC3 Smart Power Controls, provides overall fuel efficiency increases of +10% in the S mode and +6% in the P+ mode compared to the previous generation machine. Read more about the Doosan DX350LC-7 here.

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