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Doosan offered with ready kit for Leica system

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Thu 19 Nov 2020

Doosan offered with ready kit for Leica system

Doosan has launched a new optional ready kit for the 2D/3D semi-automation system from Leica Geosystems for the 25-tonne DX255LC-5 excavator. Leica’s 2D/3D machine control solution with semi-automation system is said to increase productivity and accuracy by automating the movement of the boom, bucket, tilt and tilt-rotator functions on the Doosan DX255LC-5.

Thanks to the collaboration between Doosan and Leica Geosystems, customers can now order the DX255LC-5 excavator pre-installed with the ready kit for Leica 2D and 3D machine control systems via Doosan Smart Solutions. The kit includes all the components (main brackets, wires and sensors) required to make sure the excavator is ready for the installation of the machine control solution and the semi-auto functionality, which gives customers the flexibility to install the complete system at a later date.

The Leica-ready kit is fitted on customer machines in the Doosan Customization Centre in Belgium. As a result, lead times on machines can be reduced and the process also lowers workloads in dealer/customer workshops. It is even possible to modify existing orders up to just a few days before the machines are shipped to the customer.

With Leica’s 2D/3D machine control system installed, Doosan says its DX255LC-5 is transformed into a semi-automatic excavator, providing a flexible solution, that still allows the operator to easily switch between manual and auto mode to ensure maximum safety. The semi-automation system allows the Doosan DX255LC-5 to carry out work automatically according to the design model. The task of grading for example only requires single lever operation to control movement and speed. Peace of mind for the operator is provided by the new surface protection feature, which prevents them from digging into the design avoiding mistakes and costly rework. 

At the heart of the DX255LC-5 excavator is the manufacturer’s DL06P turbocharged, six-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, delivering 192hp at 1,900 rpm. Depending on the equipment being used, the operating weight of the DX255LC-5 is around 25.5 tonnes.

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