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Electric Mecalac machines on zero-emission worksite

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Wed 22 May 2024

Electric Mecalac machines on zero-emission worksite

Mecalac has deployed three 100% electric machines on an electrification worksite in Annecy, France, which is responsible for power supply to boats and cultural sporting events. 

Presented on April 26th in the presence of the Mayor of Annecy and the General Secretary of the Haute-Savoie Prefecture, Mecalac's three electric machines – an e12 wheel loader, eS1000 swing loader and eMDX dumper – provide emission-free operation, meeting the growing demand for more environmentally friendly equipment solutions.

Thanks to these electric machines, this worksite benefits from a significant reduction in on-site emissions, as well as lower machinery noise levels – 10 times lower than that of their traditional thermal equivalents, to be precise. Combined with other measures, such as the reuse of excavated soil, the site’s projected carbon footprint is 25% lower than for an equivalent project carried out using standard methods.

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