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Giant Shovel Could be the Star Again at Minexpo 2020

by Nick Drew  |  Thu 13 Feb 2020

Giant Shovel Could be the Star Again at Minexpo 2020

And once again the mighty Le Tourneau L-2350 wheeled loader, could be the undisputed star of the show again. This mighty machine is claimed to be the largest loading shovel in the world and is in fact mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records at the World’s largest earthmover. I have to be honest, wheeled loaders don't really float my boat, but having said that, whichever way you look at it the L-2350 is an impressive piece of kit.

Specially designed to load 400 tonne dumptrucks with its 53 cubic yard bucket which in more recent years has been increased to 70 cubic yards! The machine has an operating payload of 160,000 pounds and an impressive 24-foot lift height. Power for this beast comes from a choice of either Detroit Diesel or Cummins 16 cylinder 4-cycle engines capable of producing an incredible 2300hp to power the 258-tonne monster around.

Take a look at this video walkaround of the L-2350 from a previous Minexpo event, captured by our globe roving plant & machinery friend over at Awesome Earthmovers, Chris Maginnis.

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