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Hitachi forestry excavator

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Tue 29 Oct 2019

Hitachi forestry excavator

Mivois Environnement, a subsidiary of French contractor Schmitt TP, has received a new Hitachi ZX135USL-6 forestry excavator for its environmental activities.

The ZX135USL-6 special application model is factory modified by Hitachi to meet the challenges of forestry applications, such as felling, milling and grinding. As well as a grab-and-hold shear attachment, it has a higher ground clearance than standard models of the same size for smooth travelling performance over uneven terrain, for example, and a durable undercarriage that provides exceptional stability. Further protection for the operator is also provided to enhance safety.

One of Mivois Environnement’s recent projects involved felling trees adjacent to a busy dual carriageway in preparation for a new intersection in Cesson-Sévigné, on the outskirts of Rennes. The project was completed in a day-and-a-half on behalf of road construction and infrastructure group Colas.

After the trees were cut down by the Hitachi ZX135USL-6, they were ground into woodchips. The material was then transported by Schmitt Transport’s trucks to a furnace managed by Dalkia, on the edge of Rennes, where it was converted into heat or electricity.

Watch the Hitachi ZX135USL-6 in action:

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