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Hybrid Komatsu excavators for L Lynch

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Tue 02 Feb 2021

Hybrid Komatsu excavators for L Lynch

L Lynch Plant Hire & haulage has welcomed a brand new Komatsu HB215LC-3 Hybrid Excavator to the fleet, with a further nine new machines on order, including the company’s first Komatsu HB365-3. This will take the total number of hybrid machines on the fleet to over 20 in 2021, the biggest fleet in the UK. Lynch has invested in hybrid machines for the passed four years.

The HB215LC-3 features intelligent hybrid technology designed to lower emis­sions and reduce the environmental impact. This includes a 100% electric swing system, improving cycle times and productivity, and an electric swing motor-generator, to capture and regenerate energy during use. Data shows that these machines offer a 15% fuel saving compared with their diesel counterparts, which offers a saving on operating costs for customers. Another great feature of this machine is ultra-low noise, which creates a bet­ter and more productive working environment for the operator, site staff and local community.

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