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Kubota launches LPG-powered mini-excavator

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Mon 23 Aug 2021

Kubota launches LPG-powered mini-excavator

Kubota has launched an LPG-powered mini-excavator alongside a fully electric track dumper, offering users even more options to drive down emissions. Forming part of the manufacturer’s Smart Energy Solutions range, the new KX019-4 SI HGL (LPG) mini-excavator and KC70H-4e track dumper utilise next-generation low and zero emissions technology, all while providing the same proven performance and capabilities of Kubota’s most compact and versatile machines.

Powered by LPG, the KX019-4 SI HGL (LPG)’s Spark Ignition engine enables dramatically reduced emissions and toxicity, while offering the same levels of performance and productivity as the standard KX019-4, says Kubota. Compared to diesel engines, the new excavator emits almost zero particulate matter and reduces nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions to just 5% of an equivalent diesel engine.

On site, LPG offers a number of advantages over traditional fuels. Refueling is simpler, faster, and unlike diesel fuel, the canisters cannot contaminate the work site through spillages. Kubota’s Spark Ignition engine no longer requires a diesel particulate filter, reducing the need for maintenance, and operates at lower noise levels, while providing the same levels of power as before.

The KX019-4 LPG’s all-day uptime, quieter operation and 2.5m dig depth ensure the new machine is among Kubota’s most versatile mini-excavators, capable of operating anywhere and at any time of day or night. The KC70H-4e offers the same performance and productivity improvements introduced with the KC70 in a fully electric, zero-emission solution.

Its fast charge time and continuous run time work hand-in-hand to maximise time on site, while its 700kg load capacity, compact design and low noise engine make the machine perfect for use in any environment at any time of day, including in low emissions areas. 

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