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MJ Church goes high tech with Bell ADTs

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Wed 29 Jan 2020

MJ Church goes high tech with Bell ADTs

One of the South West region’s largest civil engineering, earthworks and waste management contractors, MJ Church has returned to Bell Equipment for the purchase of a recent consignment of Articulated Dump Trucks. Opting for a combination of new and pre-owned machines, MJ Church has added 15 Bell B30Es to its sizeable fleet over recent years, enhancing the level of dumper truck technology for its client base.

The company’s decision to return to Bell Equipment for a recent purchase of five machines is due in part to the manufacturer’s ‘Fleetm@tic’ satellite-based, management system. The tech, which allows operators to keep projects on schedule, maintain machine health and reduce running costs, can be securely accessed from any location with an internet connection, providing a gateway to valuable data that can significantly improve a client’s fleet performance.

Driven by a series of satellites with worldwide coverage, the Fleetm@tic device sends raw data to the Bell Equipment server, where it is compiled into easily comprehensible reports. The kit also includes a driver ID mechanism and a service indicator to help prevent machines from running over their service hours. Tom Church, Managing Director, Plant & Transport at MJ Church confirmed the company is in discussions with Bell Equipment to create new portals within the system, from which other machines within his fleet can be managed.

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