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New Doosan material handler at ZUO International

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Tue 19 Oct 2021

New Doosan material handler at ZUO International

Until recently, ZUO International, a waste and recycling company based at Kunowice in Poland, used only wheel loaders. However, when the opportunity arose to invest in new mobile equipment, the company decided to purchase a material handler for the first time, a new Doosan DX250WMH‑5 wheeled model.

“With an additional unit, it is much easier to manage the machines in a way that guarantees their optimal use and best performance,” explained Rafał Kościukiewicz, operations manager at ZUO International. “This is why we didn't buy another wheel loader, but rather a material handler. This machine enables us to easily sort materials from a waste heap or load waste into the shredder with precision, because the operator, when located several metres above ground level, can clearly see the inside of the working chamber and can properly distribute the load.”

Initially, ZUO International was concerned about a drop in shredder loading efficiency, as the wheel loader used so far has a 4 cubic metre bucket, while the new material handler is equipped with a semi-open 5‑finger gripper with a capacity of 0.6 cubic metres. However, the Doosan is faster with shorter work cycles, so is comparable in real-world terms.

The DX250WMH‑5 25-tonne material handler was added to the Doosan range at the beginning of 2019. It is based on the Doosan 21‑tonne DX210W‑5 wheeled excavator and was designed for applications such as handling scrap metal. A factory-installed electrical generator used to power the electromagnet eliminates the need for modifications, and additional features, such as cab guards, frame guards, additional work lights and solid rubber tyres, increase the safety of waste handling.

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