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One man and machine working in harmony

Thu 22 Aug 2013

One man and machine working in harmony

As regular readers will know, I am a big supporter of the tiltrotator concept, and I think this video shot in Sweden, shows just how useful these systems are. If this was a job in the UK, there would be a groundworker operating the compaction plate, and probably two more stood watching, whilst making a roll up or texting on their mobile phone!† This guy can do the bulk of the work with the machine on his own, without the need for a banksman, who as we all know, is more often than not in the way most of the time! So itís safer and more productive for everyone concerned.
Of course it doesnít stop with a compaction plate and a bucket, the range of work tools available is amazing these days. One only has to look at the tiltrotator trailblazers in the UK & Ireland to see the benefits. Guys like Clavin Fuller, Eddie Warrener, Ollie Kitchin, Ben Miller, Stuart Jamieson and Shaun Gratton to name a handful, have all seen the light as to what can be achieved with these systems. I am confident we will be seeing a lot more in the future.  

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