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Remain vigilant

by Richard Cosgrove  |  Thu 07 Nov 2019

Remain vigilant

With Radon Awareness Week underway, Bureau Veritas is reminding the UK construction industry of the importance of radon monitoring as recent research suggests that the drive for energy efficiency is raising the risk of exposure to the radioactive gas.


Research published earlier this year by University College London (UCL) found that indoor radon levels are increasing due to measures, designed to make buildings more energy efficient, having an adverse effect on indoor air quality. For example, the study found that 67% of properties with retrofit double glazing recorded greater radon levels than those without a recorded retrofit.


Responsible for over 1100 deaths in the UK each year, high levels of radon – a carcinogen known to cause Lung cancer - can be found in buildings of any type, size or location with occupants unaware of the potential danger unless a specific test has been carried out.


With this in mind, Bureau Veritas is encouraging construction firms to revisit their radon monitoring regimes to ensure safety and compliance.


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