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Two New Cat Electric Drive Ultra Haulers

by Graham Black  |  Wed 06 Feb 2019

Two New Cat Electric Drive Ultra Haulers

Caterpillar is launching the 360-ton (short) capacity 796AC and 410-ton 798AC diesel-electric ultra haulers. They will enable Cat to offer its large mining customers a greater choice between mechanical and electric drivelines. Cat’s 797 model is a global benchmark in traditional mechanically-driven trucks in the 400t class.

The overall design of the new trucks – e.g. the configuration of the in-house developed and built AC powertrain – is based on the 794AC model that was launched in 2016 and examples of which are in use around the world. At 2600V this is a high-voltage, low-current system that Cat says offers a number of advantages over competitors’ lower voltage, higher current systems. These include higher efficiency and lower heat generation, and the use of more durable, smaller and lighter components.

On-board power is generated by an emissions-compliant 16-cylinder Cat C175-16 diesel engine, rated at either 2610kW (3500hp) or 2312kW (3100hp). In addition, the machine’s power can easily be remapped to better meet the site’s production rate or to integrate better within a mixed fleet of haulers.

The new trucks feature four-corner, oil-cooled disc brakes, as well as dynamic retarding for stable handling and confident stopping. Superior retarding capability, blended braking and the Cat traction control sub-system help to boost productivity and safety.

The modular design allows for easy removal and installation of components. The engine, traction alternator, motors, inverter, grid and final drives can be removed independently. Traction alternator and optional inverter platforms allow for easier inspections, diagnostics and component swaps. The result is less service time and greater uptime.

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