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Vac UK buys 20 Longo Rhino vacuum excavators

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Thu 31 Mar 2022

Vac UK buys 20 Longo Rhino vacuum excavators

Vac UK has signed a major contract to purchase 20 new Longo Rhino vacuum excavators – underlining its commitment to becoming the leader in the growing suction excavation market. Worth almost £10m, it follows the vacuum excavation specialist’s announcement last year of a £15m order and brings the company’s investment over a 24-month period to £25m. Vac UK, which is part of the Kilkern Group, will take delivery of the new machines in 2023.

First unveiled in the UK in September 2021, Longo Rhino vacuum excavator is said to be the most powerful twin-fan suction excavator on the market producing a flow rate of 45,000m³/h and a vacuum up to 500mbar. Each excavator is equipped with the latest features including 360-degree cameras, mega power arms and vibrating skips and on request, rear high pressure washing bar, hydrostatic system, HP hose reels, water compartment, special remote control, air pressure system and many accessories.

The Rhino can also be supplied to meet ATEX requirements for work in potentially explosive environments. The Rhino can be mounted on any chassis and the Vac UK order will see machines based Scania, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo drivetrains.

The order reinforces Vac UK’s relationship with Longo Euroservice Srl after it secured the exclusive rights to distribute the Italian manufacturer’s equipment in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada last year. Based in Puglia, southern Italy, Longo produces specialised equipment for industrial, ecological and environmental purposes. Each machine is specifically produced to buyers’ requirements.

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