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Veteran JCB Comes Back from the Dead

by Nick Drew  |  Fri 14 Jan 2022

Veteran JCB Comes Back from the Dead

It came as no surprise to me that the video has already amassed in excess of 285,000 views on the channel, such is the popularity of JCB as a topic. Personally, I always notice a spike in online traffic when we post about JCB, very much similar to when we post topics on Cat machinery.

Essentially the video documents how the original owner of the 6D had tried to get the machine going and failed previously, so put it up for sale at a bargain price of $1000 AUS dollars. Marty and his pal worked on the machine which for its age is in remarkable condition, and got it running, then performed a bit of excavation work, before tracking it out to a transporter to take it home.

The British built JCB 6D was powered by a six-cylinder 106hp Perkins 6.345 diesel engine, which was side mounted. The model was first introduced in 1971, and at the time only cost £10,596 to buy. The machine was near enough identical to the 6C model, but featured a wider undercarriage offering improved stability.

These 6D machines are becoming increasingly rare, so this is a great find and this example has clearly benefitted from spending its life in the warmer and drier climes of New Zealand!

Anyway, without further ado, lets enjoy the video!



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