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Water jetting training standards

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Fri 18 Oct 2019

Water jetting training standards

The Water Jetting Association is changing its rules to establish a new standard in water jetting training. Under new protocols, all introductory water jetting training must include a practical skills assessment. Currently, water jetting operatives must attend a one-day water jetting Safety Awareness course to be registered on the Water Jetting Association's (WJA) international operator database.

From January 1st 2020, they will have to complete the Safety Awareness course, which is class-based, and then at least one relevant one-day ‘hands-on' application module that teaches practical skills. This will give water jetting operatives a minimum of two days of structured and assessed training, including one day of practical training, before they can register with the WJA and receive their WJA certificate and photo id card.

The improved training standard, approved by the WJA's Ruling Council, will apply to all service sectors, including industrial cleaning, maritime de-fouling, drain and sewer cleaning, manufacturing, hydrodemolition, water jet cutting, and surface preparation. The WJA is the representative body for the water jetting industry in the UK and is the leading provider of high-pressure water jetting training courses. It is introducing the changes following a period of consultation with members and stakeholders.

Practical application modules available are: Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Tube and Pipe Cleaning, and Hydrodemolition. The WJA's training is underpinned by its Codes of Practice - Blue for high pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting and Red for use of water jetting in the drains and sewers. These are accepted as setting internationally recognised standards for best practice in water jetting. Find out more at www.waterjetting.org.uk.

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