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Wed 09 Apr 2014

Who would fancy a shift on one of these?

I'm always on the lookout for something different or unusual, so during my travels around the MaskinExpo show in Stockholm, Sweden, last year, I came across a restored calf dozer just outside Swedish publication, Trucking magazineís stand. The tiny dozer was actually sat on a pallet so I am unsure if it is still a runner or not. It just made me wonder what it must have been like to operate one of these contraptions. They certainly donít look like the safest of machines with the operators legs being in close proximity to the front of the tracks and blade! Back as early as the 1940ís Aveling Barford had identified the need for a mini dozer type machine for small backfilling jobs and on the railway sector. And after itís unveiling it was named the calf dozer due to its diminutive nature. The machine weighed around 1.65 tonnes and early models were powered by a Dorman 800cc single pot petrol engine, which offered a massive 9 horsepower! I believe on later models a diesel option was available. Here is a video showing a calf dozer in operation, I can honestly say I donít think I would fancy spending long on ones of these! [youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube] I do recall my father telling me about these tiny calf dozers when I was a youngster, but I had never had any personal experience with them. I wold be keen to hear from any readers who have spent anytime on these machines in the past.

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