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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 18 Apr 2024

ALLU Reveals New Lightweight Models

Finnish manufacturer ALLU chose last week’s Mansen Mörinät event to showcase their new DC-Series of lightweight screening buckets.

ALLU Reveals New Lightweight Models

Two new models are available the DC2-04 and DC2-08 which are suitable for machines in the 2-6 tonne sector. Weighing in at around 275kgs, oil flow ranges from 20-40 litres per minute.

These new light, shallow and low profile designed buckets screen and crush material effortlessly across a wide variety of applications, and as ALLU always say, ‘turn trash into cash’.

The units are equipped with X-Blades like those found on the larger ALLU Transformer buckets, and are said to be clog-proof even when dealing with damp or wet materials.

At Mansen Mörinät one of the new units was being demonstrated at Real Machinery on the demo plot attached to a 10-tonne class Develon DX100W wheeled excavator, being operated by our young Finnish friend Viljami aka @konepoika­­­_07 on Instagram, who we captured on video below.


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