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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 01 Jul 2020

D9H Pusher in France

We all love a classic Cat D9, once hailed as Caterpillar’s largest track type tractor until the introduction of the D10 and later the D11.

D9H Pusher in France

The Cat D9 in its various guises was, and in many ways still is an iconic tractor, loved by old earthmoving men for its pure grunt, strength and general presence. Since its introduction in 1955 it remained Cat’s top of the range bulldozer until 1977 when the D10 first appeared with its revolutionary High-Drive track system.

The D9G was probably the most famous and was immortalised with a starring role in the TV movie “Killdozer” but talk to any dozer man of a certain age and they will say that the best 9 of all was the last of the conventional track frame models, the D9H.

In the video below from French machinery enthusiast Gilles Auriol we see a classic example of the D9H owned by Moulin TP in action. Fitted with a dedicated cushion blade for scraper pushing and rear mounted pushing block, this D9 is seen push loading Cat 631E motor scrapers on a job in France. Moulin TP run a fleet of well over 300 machines and are a long established and well respected company in the earthmoving sector in France.   

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