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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 17 Mar 2021

David Wylie reviews the 1:48th scale die-cast Caterpillar D11N Dozers from Classic Construction Models (CCM)

CCM are superbly replicating history with their 1:48 scale die-cast model of the iconic Cat D11N, which became Caterpillar’s top-of-the-range dozer for bulk earthworks and mining in 1986.

David Wylie reviews the 1:48th scale die-cast Caterpillar D11N Dozers from Classic Construction Models (CCM)

CCM have recently launched a 1:48 scale Cat D11N Dozer in four versions. Ranging from Cat D11N with an SU Blade and Impact Ripper or with a Single Shank Ripper at the rear. And a Cat D11N  U Blade version with Multi-Shank rippers. All three versions are painted in “New Cat Yellow”. The fourth model released is a D11N  U-Blade configuration, and a Single Shank ripper in the iconic “Block C” (AKA Pac-Man)  trade dress and the old-school Cat yellow paintwork.

The massive 92.7 tonne D11N was introduced in February 1986 as an upgrade to the 70 tonne D10, and the D11N is built to withstand severe working conditions while increasing productivity.  It was powered by a turbocharged Cat 3508 diesel engine producing 770 flywheel horsepower and a 20% torque rise, increasing blade capacity of the D11N to 42.2 yd³. The D11N's improvements made it over 10 percent more productive than the D10.

Just as the D11N was being released, Caterpillar were making the transition from the legendary Block C and Caterpillar Yellow trade dress to the “Black Beltline” finished in “New Cat Yellow” paint tone. During this transition, CCM established a number of  D11N dozers actually left the factory in Pac-Man attire, but exact numbers are not known.


The review model is the D11N in the iconic “Block C”  trade dress and bright Caterpillar Yellow paint.  Equipped with a fully articulated U-Blade and Single-Shank Ripper, the model measures approximately 9.1″ long, 5.25″ wide, and 3.75″ tall.

As we have come to expect from CCM, the cab on all four models is up to the usual high standards. It has an accurately detailed opening door on both sides, with a set of analogue instruments also highly detailed.  The dozer’s angled operator’s seat, foot pedals, blade and ripper joystick controls are also accurately represented in the cab.

The cab windows are outlined with a pin-sharp black bead and the side and rear windows have a vertical bead to denote a sliding window design. The front and side window wipers are very finely detailed as is the door handles.  The handrails around the machine are also well represented. Access doors with fine photo-etched grilles are hinged to reveal the turbocharged Cat 3508 diesel engine and two air filter units on both sides.   All the Caterpillar paint and markings are sharp and have been approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.  

The track pads have sharp castings and CCM have made the model with a full set of articulating undercarriage bogies and smoothly rotating bogie wheels. The Individually linked tracks are tensioned with a powerful front idler spring and the track frames are beautifully detailed.

The single-shank rear ripper attachment comes with three pin positions and an excellent range of movement is found with the ripper linkage hydraulic cylinders to help accurately pose the ripper in any position.

The fully articulated U-Blade has nicely detailed cutting edges and spill guard on top of the wide and tall U-Blade. The D11N main lift and side tilt hydraulic cylinders have an impressive range of movement and the hydraulic pipes and flexible hoses are well represented on this model on the backwall of the blade. 

The underside of the D11N is very well detailed and CCM have made the pivot shaft and pinned equalizer bar move in this model. If I were being very picky, it would have been nice to see blanking plugs cover the 5 screw holes on the belly plates. That said, overall, it’s another stunningly detailed model from CCM.

Cat designed the D11N with a tag link dozer stabiliser bar, which brings the blade close to the tractor for excellent balance, better implement control and tractor manoeuvrability. This is accurately replicated in the CCM D11N. A fire extinguisher mounted on the Cab ROPS frame also sets the model off nicely.

The four new Cat D11N versions are a welcome addition to CCM’s growing range of 1:48 scale models. These limited edition dozers come with a limited edition numbered and signed miniature specification book of the real machine.

In conclusion, CCM is renowned for their attention to detail, skilled model makers and their four versions of the Cat D11N does not disappoint. And the review model, with its iconic “Block C”  trade dress and bright Caterpillar Yellow paint, is very impressive with lots of attention to detail and would complement any Caterpillar dozer collection.  I would say it is one of the most detailed 1:48th scale Die-cast mining class dozers ever produced.

A production run of 400 scale models - in each of three of variations - have been produced, apart from the SU Blade with single shank ripper model - with only 300 units commissioned.

All four versions of the Cat D11N are priced at  $299.95.  To order, checkout CCM’s website and their other available and upcoming  models, by going to https://ccmodels.com/product-category/available-products/ 



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