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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 24 Mar 2020

Digger’s Conexpo Highlights: Zoomlion’s Autonomous Excavator

Chinese manufacturer Zoomlion brought along some high-tech kit to Conexpo including a self-operating excavator which they see as the future for construction machinery on a wider scale.

Digger’s Conexpo Highlights: Zoomlion’s Autonomous Excavator

Going through the motions on their demonstration plot Zoomlion showcased its ZE75G midi-excavator which has been designed to work in hazardous conditions such as during emergency rescue missions for example. Equipped with high-precision GPS location, and electric control systems with sensitive sensors, the machine is capable of performing pre-set tasks at very long distances.

Zoomlion also stated that compared to manual operation end users could see a 40% reduction in labour costs by using the ZE75G. I don’t know what you think, but for me there is something quite eerie about seeing machines operating autonomously like this. Is this really the future, I'm not so sure to be perfectly honest. 

Checkout this video featuring this machine and other products on the Zoomlion stand at Conexpo 2020  

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