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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 05 Feb 2024

Doosan Bobcat Focus on Air and Electric at the Executive Hire Show (EHS Show Highlights)

Doosan Bobcat will be showcasing the first Bobcat branded portable power product to be seen in public at an industry event in the UK at the upcoming Executive Hire Show in Coventry next week.

Doosan Bobcat Focus on Air and Electric at the Executive Hire Show (EHS Show Highlights)

The PA7.4 (7/45) compressor equipped with a generator option will be featured on stand I40 in Bobcat colours, and is part of a complete line of portable compressors, generators and light towers that now form part of the Bobcat range, some examples of which we saw launched during ConExpo in Las Vegas last year.

According to the manufacturer these units have been designed with a focus on simplicity, durability, reliability and transportability, the PA7.4 (7/45) provides 4.0 m³/min (140 cfm) of compressed air at 7 bar nominal pressure. There is also a wide range of options and customizations available for the PA7.4 (7/45) to meet customer needs.

The integral 8.5 kVA generator is one of these options and meets a specific requirement in utility work to meet the demands of the latest fusion welding equipment, providing electrical power that can also be used for lights and tools, together with compressed air for powering breakers and other pneumatic equipment. 

Perhaps more familiar to Digger Man Blog readers, another area of expansion in the Bobcat range is in electrically-powered compact equipment. This began in 2019 with the launch of the E10e one tonne electric mini-excavator. Bobcat has since launched the larger E19e, both of which I have reported on in Earthmovers Magazine and indeed on this blog.

Like the E10e, the E19e has the same stability, lift capacity and breakout forces as its conventional powered counterpart, while its constant torque curve ensures dependable operations. With a width of 98 cm, this electric model is easy to operate in confined workspaces, making it ideal for tasks such as demolition as well as outside applications that require quiet, zero-emission operations.

At the Executive Hire Show, Bobcat will show either the E10e or E19e. These products have been followed up with the development of other electric-powered compact products, including the company’s T7X and S7X electric compact track and skid-steer loaders.

Find out more at Doosan Bobcat portable power in the video below.


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