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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 28 Jul 2020

English Plant Man in Canada (Part Four)

Continuing our series featuring the working adventures of Tom March who runs his own mechanical repair and maintenance business in Saskatchewan, Canada.

English Plant Man in Canada (Part Four)

Tom has clearly had his work cut out since our last post went out, as we have not heard from him for a while. In his last email to me here at Digger Man Blog HQ he described it as being another hectic week, this time dealing with a front transmission failure on one of the ageing Caterpillar 627G motor scrapers that he is looking after. In this shot that Tom has sent in, we see the transmission slung up ready for removal using Tom’s onboard crane.

And in the next shot, out she pops, and lowered onto the ground in preparation to be transported to the repair shop for an overhaul.

When you are running older kit like these scrapers there is always something to do, and Tom is certainly being kept busy. On this example the hydraulic cylinder for operating the ejector, had to be removed taken away for repair and refitted. Here we see the ram going back in, a job that Tom described as not being easy, due to the limited space available to work in.

We look forward to seeing more of Tom’s working adventures, when he can find some spare time to send us more material.

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